Ocean Grove Gear is HERE!

As a life-long resident of Ocean Grove, NJ, I (as in me, Julie Gannon) remained perplexed as to why there was not a line of products geared towards other locals like me. I'm not talking about those beauts in ye old flower shop, I'm talking about fun swag (stuff we all get: fun fact) that reflects the true "Grover"; the ones who remember no cars on Sunday, the kids who held their breathe hoping they didn't (or did) see their name printed in The Beachcomber every Thursday morning, the gromms who know what Ding Haven is, the generations of us who lined The Sampler with our trays for that mac and cheese and red jello, grandparents who were the original Logos and Youth Temple on Main crew, where you lease your land for 99 years, a fisherman named Ralph knows all of your secrets, and 10pm Tent-Talk is the law... you get the gist.

So, what does one do in this conundrum? Pray on it, of course! And I got the answer loud and clear. "Design a new brand with a square and a cross and My Name on it and feature it on products and apparel for them. Do not be afraid," said the Cloud Stud. I got to work and spent months developing "God's Square Mile", "Grover", and "Tent Life" lines. 

If you're not familiar with this beloved term of 'God's Square Mile', it's speaking to the concept that Ocean Grove is a square mile radius founded on the principals of Christianity by the Methodist Camp Meeting Association. I didn't invent that particular tagline, but I did create each design from scratch that you will see featured on each of the items for sale exclusively on this website. Yes, I did get permission from the OGCMA for this project, so bases covered. Every design is © copy-written, so don't even think about sponging my efforts. 

You won't find any of these collections in stores, these are for the ones who believe in e-commerce. You simply place your order online on this website, and each product is printed and shipped directly to you or whoever you want to gift it to from my glorious drop-ship angels aka Printify. It takes 6-10 business days productions and shipping time. I don't keep any inventory onsite because I don't need stalkers at my door, it's drop-shipped only, ya'll! You pay a bit in shipping charges from the drop-ship vendors, and that actually saves you time and money; no getting in the car, driving here, finding parking which takes forevs and sometimes impossible depending on the day, looking for the perfect gift, maybe find something and mailing it to your special special. That's exhausting, especially if you come up empty handed. Just get er' done here and give your Grover something they will really LOVE. And if you are a local on foot, you get more time to do what you need to and still get the goods! I also am a big believer in the Victorian era too, so I did my best to keep these prices to a ol' school minimum.

I will be adding to the existing collections and items out to purchase this December 2018. There are over 60 products live now. I'm pretty sure you're gonna feel them (especially the Special Edition collection) and I hope to see you on line at Day's or on the beach sporting at least one of these soon to be staples.

Click here to view the collections and happy shopping!