Who actually prints my order?  Since GoGannon Designs creates the artwork which appears on each item and doesn't have an onsite printing press (thank you, GOD), the printing is in the capable hands of a trusted drop ship company. You will know which company is printing your item as it is listed on the product page and in your invoice. We are a big believer in not front loading or keeping inventory. Buy as you need basis from the printing pros with the lowest sale price possible, as it should be! 

How long does my order take to arrive? That depends solely on which type of shipping you chose at checkout. Generally, you should receive your printed items within 5-10 business days. You will receive tracking for each item shipped out by the drop-shipment/printing company. However, if you chose the basic shipping and the product is printed in let's say, Arizona, it might take longer on a pony express than a plane ride. You get the idea.

Why don't you sell Ocean Grove line in town? Nah. We like to keep it e-commerce and we spent a significant amount of time developing the line in this fashion. If you factor in gas, parking in OG, your time, and shipping, you are saving BIG BUCKS by purchasing online. Also the products ship directly to whatever door you choose to send to. Simple, easy, and smart.

Will you be making new stuff soon? Heck yes! We will be rolling out so much OG schwag your Victorian face might melt. We don't want to flood your brain with too much at launch as a confused mind says, "No!" We are senstitive to your virtual pallette like that. Plus we like to keep it fresh and dynamic.