Julie Gannon


Julie Gannon - Creative Director and Certified Self-Talk Trainer


Creative Director, GoGannon Designs
Certified Self-Talk Trainer, Self-Talk Institute

Julie Gannon has shared her talents with numerous audiences since she was three years old. From New York City to the Bavarian Forest, Julie's musical theatre background and love of design has taken her to the corners of the globe. Julie has also graced the sound stages of national television and appeared in indie and major films. 

Circa December 25, 1983 ... 4th grade when Santa Claus dropped the first Apple IIe into her living room. At that moment, Julie began her digital master-mining affinity. This computer/theatre geek has produced thousands of graphic/web site design/song and stage projects for clients spanning over 21 years. Julie is the 1991 recipient of the Tim Hauser Drama Award, a Flagler College alumni with degrees in English/Communications/Advertising, a 2005 inductee to the St. Rose Arts of Hall, a 2020 Actor's Fund Encore Award winner, a Landmark Education Graduate, and a Certified Self-Talk Trainer with the Self-Talk Institute.

Julie recognizes that computers aren't the only thing that need reprogramming, humans do too! Remember when we were kids and we got programmed? And we end up living out those programs? They actually get wired into our brain. We've learned that we can literally rewire our brains with the right self-talk. Not only is Julie the Creative Director of GoGannon Designs, she is also professionally mentored and officially endorsed by the pioneer of Self-Talk, Dr. Shad Helmstetter, Ph.D. as a Certified Self-Talk Trainer. Julie teaches people how to change their programs, get past them, and get it right. She shares Dr. Shad's message with a broad variety of audiences in such diverse areas as goal-setting, parenting, health and fitness, grief and stress management, business success, all of it a natural fit for those of us looking to create our best life from the inside out. BAM!

Julie is available as a keynote seminar speaker, webinar presenter, podcast guest, and blog - television - radio - print features on the power of Positive Self-Talk. She will also advise on all things print and web. If you are searching for that mind-blowing factress, hit the pause button, you've found her! 

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What people are saying...

"Julie blew the doors right open with her message of Positive Self-Talk™. She ejected my brain, washed over 40 years of dirt off, reinstalled in under 30 minutes, AND provided for me the tools to keep it that way. I'm finally unstuck!" - Chris C.


"Julie captured exactly what I was trying to convey to my coworkers for months. She took our media project beyond our company's expectations! It's like she climbed into my head and portrayed exactly what I was envisioning. And she's still there." - John C.


"GoGannon Designs ROCKS!" - Katie C.


"Over and over we use Julie's design services. She's talented, efficient and takes the time to really get to know us. She's part of our team and truly believes in our mission. We really like that about her." - Maria M.


“Julie Gannon is the ‘shoot! why didn’t I think of that?’ kind of girl. She’s light years ahead in all things creative from the brain to the branding. She’s also fun to be in touch with and keeps us thinking positive while moving fast to the finish when our projects once seemed impossible.” - Laura N.