Ocean Grove Gear

For over 40 years while frequenting the bins of Ocean Grove's D'Jones, Smuggler's Cove, The Loft, Melons, The Flower Shop, and beyond, I thought to myself, "Self, why aren't there any affordable items that say "Grover" or "God's Square Mile" on them and preferably in a handwritten style font? Ya know, stuff for us locals and vacationers that aren't afraid of the G word. This is an outrage!" So, I prayed on it with The Cloud Stud and we up and did a thing.

Behold... this product line of all things Ocean Grove available exclusively on this website and delivered right to you! And it's not just the above, I've been inspired by my Co-Creator to also bring a little fun to the mix (let's not forget the Tenters and all of the common threads from past and present that make this town so special).

I've also kept the pricing down to Victorian standards. Why? Well, as a designer, I know that "drop-shipping" with Printify is the perfect fit in this case: no inventory for me to handle so you don't come knocking on my door, no insane storefront rent to pay, no cash on the barrel, all of which allow me to provide the lowest prices for you! Simply shop online here as you do, and within 6-10 business days, BOOM, your order(s) arrive at their final destination. So easy.

I hope you enjoy trolling the site and find something that keeps your memories of Ocean Grove alive. I will be adding additional items regularly as the weeks roll closer to summer too. Right now, there's over 50 to choose from.

Yes, I did get the OG Camp Meeting's blessing on this project over this past summer which I am eternally thankful for. And please, for the love of The Almighty, don't steal my ideas or concepts. The Triune God would be all SMH and in my previous life I worked for years at a law firm. Juss sayin'. 

If you do have an idea you'd like to see manifest on a new or existing product, please contact me directly here and I'll do my best to make that magic happen. In the meanwhile...

bring Ocean Grove home,
Julie Gannon

Fun Fact: my "God's Square Mile" logo is actually a unique square with the cross because Ocean Grove is God's Square Mile. The more you know...